Best Concrete Core Drilling NYC

The Basics of Concrete Core Drilling

Despite being a highly specialized service, concrete core drilling is also one of the most important aspects on any construction site across New York City and beyond! In the modern world, pretty much every building or structure has tons of concrete involved, and whether you are tearing it down, restoring it, renovating or making additions, chances are you are going to be in need of concrete cutting and concrete core drilling services at some point. According to the team at Core Tech NYC, the premiere experts in concrete core drilling NYC has to offer, from structural testing, to installing things like a manhole, plumbing, electrical lines and more – working with concrete requires a decent amount of knowledge and expertise. An OSHA certified company, the experts at CoreTech, known for the best concrete cutting NYC has to offer, provide their clients with the tools for the job, as well as the experts to perform the job the best! But what in fact is concrete core drilling? In this article, we will be going over this important part of the construction process.

A vital service provided by the team at CoreTech, known for the best concrete core drilling services NYC has to offer, concrete core drilling involved the cutting or coring of concrete in order to create precise, rounded, or cylindrical holes within large scale concrete walls, ceilings, floors, foundations and slabs. The process uses a specialized diamond tipped concrete core drill, one of the most in-demand tools on any construction site, to seamlessly cut through dense materials like concrete, and more.

When it comes to concrete core drilling NYC experts at CoreTech can help your construction team install a number of vital utilities, systems, and all types of projects, including:

Roadway work
Drainage drilling and manholes
Rebar cutting and tie-ins
Recessed lighting and installation of fixtures
Plumbing installations
Telecommunications line installations
Cutting into concrete walls or slabs for analytical purposes
HVAC installations and repairs
Cabling and electrical installations
And much more!

With concrete coring NYC experts at CoreTech use specialized threaded anchors in order to properly secure post drills to walls and concrete slabs. The high-powered concrete core drill is then affixed to those posts, which act as a guide for the purposes of drilling into walls and concrete slabs or foundations. Once the drill hits its target, it will make a smoothed out core. The device uses water as a coolant mechanism as the technician applies pressure to the crank itself. The core drill itself has a crank that is used to drive the drill into the surface, allowing it to seamlessly cut through tough concrete slabs, walls and foundations. For more information on concrete core drilling and more, be sure to contact Core Tech NYC today.

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