Hand Sawing

Hand sawing is one of the oldest and most vital services in the world of construction, but technology has come a long way over the years and at Core Tech, we offer our clients one of the highest rated hand sawing services around! Hand sawing is a cost effective solution and vital for any project across New York City and beyond – and is ideal for any project where you’re on a time crunch, or space might be too limited for larger, more advanced machinery.

The Most Modern Sawing Technology
At Core Tech, we use the latest and greatest in coring, cutting and sawing technology to get the job done! Our modern hand saws are portable and deliver the type of power needed to get the job done. We cut through any type of materials on a jobsite – reinforced concrete slabs and much more, no matter how big or small the job site might be!

Where Can You Use Hand Sawing?
Our hand sawing services are vital to most construction sites and projects across the city, and beyond. Some of the most common applications for our hand sawing services include:
HVAC Work – Creating openings and ducts through concrete and cinder blocks.

  • Adding beams for buildings
  • Sawing concrete pipes to your specifications
  • Trimming
  • Property demolitions
  • Concrete cutting
  • Foundation correction
  • And Much More!

We Also Rent and Sell All Different Types of Common Construction Site Tools!

For more information on hand sawing and other services from Core Tech, be sure to contact us today!

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