Wall Sawing

Another common need in the construction industry is wall sawing, otherwise known as track sawing. It is one of the most effective cutting solutions for concrete cutting around today, and provides an option for those in need of vertical or sloped surfaces made of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, and cinder blocks. At Core Tech NYC, we provide one of the top wall sawing services available today, using specialized circular diamond blade saws, affixed to a track-mounted machine. Wall sawing allows you to create the perfect openings in your concrete structures – as needed – for things like doors, and much more.

Where Does Wall Sawing Apply?
Wall sawing is a vital service in the concrete cutting industry, and is needed in a number of different types of projects and worksites. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Precision cutting for vertical and horizontal structures, including those with inclines.
  • HVAC units, and ventilation systems.
  • Demolition jobs
  • Development of crawl spaces
  • Wall, hallway, window, and doorway renovations.

Wall sawing services at Core Tech NYC are known for their precision and efficiency, and our experienced team provides you with the very best services with minimal noise, dust, or debris! We ensure that your project keeps its structural integrity, and provide wall sawing for both indoor and outdoor projects alike!

For more information on wall sawing or any of our other services be sure to contact Core Tech NYC today.

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