At Core Tech, our experienced team of experts provides a number of services no matter how big or small your job site might be. One of our most in-demand services includes trenching and trench digging.

What is Trenching?
Trenching work is vital to a number of construction job sites all across New York City and beyond! Trenching is a method that involves the digging of a narrow trench within the ground in order to install and provide maintenance to pipelines, conduits and cable lines going beneath the ground.

What Makes a Trench?
At Core Tech, we do everything by the book and our work is always up to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards! According to OSHA, a trench is simply an excavation of the ground, that is deeper than it is wide – not to go over 15 feet in width. This simply means that its a big hole to dig!

Safe and Efficient Trenching Services at Core Tech!
At Core Tech, safety is always on our mind! As we mentioned, we do things by the book, up to code, and observe any and all OSHA safety guidelines. Trenching isn’t easy, and it is very dangerous, this is why you need to contact a professional for all your trench work. Trenching projects can often lead to cave-ins, falls and other hazards. With so much heavy machinery around, its vital that you and your team are safe and well protected at all times on the jobsite. And at Core Tech, that is just what we are about!

We provide trenching services for residential and commercial projects alike, no matter how big or small. For more information on your trenching needs, or to get an estimate, be sure to contact Core Tech NYC today.

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