Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is a difficult process and requires a decent amount of expertise, knowledge and experience. Thankfully, the team at Core Tech NYC is the most experienced and knowledgeable across NYC, and has seen and performed the very best wire sawing across countless construction projects.

Wire Sawing for All Construction Sites
At Core Tech NYC, we perform wire sawing services through the hardest of heavily reinforced concrete, hard metals, steel, and even rock formations. Our team will use a systematic approach, that requires specialized knowledge and specialized guides and pulleys, to ensure safe and effective cutting with ease! Our systems can work on wire sawing for any size or shape space, and can even be performed underwater! There is no concrete structure that is too large or small for the team at Core Tech NYC!

Where Does Wire Sawing Work?
Wire sawing is needed for a number of different construction projects and worksites across New York City. Some of the most common applications for wire sawing include:

  • Large slabs of reinforced concrete
  • Bridges and sectionals
  • Piers
  • Steel encased concrete
  • Underwater areas

And much more! Wire sawing from Core Tech is one of the most vital and necessary solutions needed on any construction project across New York City, and beyond! We offer a service that is not only environmentally friendly but will help to minimize air pollution and other unwanted issues. Our team of experienced wire sawing professionals will ensure your job is completed on time, efficiently, and effectively without any unwanted errors or surprises.

For more information on wire sawing and other services from Core Tech NYC, be sure to contact us today.

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