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When Do You Need Concrete Cutting and Core Drilling Services?

Every construction site in NYC has one thing in common, there is a ton of concrete to deal with! Whether it’s a concrete wall, ceiling, floor, foundation or just a huge concrete slab in the middle of your project, it’s definitely something you will have to learn to deal with. When it comes to concrete cutting and core drilling, there are no better experts than the team at CoreTech NYC. At CoreTech, considered the Best Concrete Cutting Company NYC has to offer, they provide one of the most integral services on any construction site in the tri-state, because no matter what type of project and no matter how big or small, there is always going to be a need for concrete work and core drilling. Even when discussing residential work projects in NYC, concrete can become an issue, this is why its vital to have experts on your side. CoreTech’s team of experts has worked on some of the most high profile projects in the New York and New Jersey area. From major airports like JFK, LaGuardia and Newark, to buildings like the Empire State Building and even Carnegie Hall – they have solidified their reputation for being the best concrete cutting company Queens has to offer. While it might be a vital service within NYC, not everyone knows the many applications for concrete cutting and core drilling services.

Applications for Concrete Cutting

Wall Sawing
One of the most vital services on all construction projects across New York City, wall sawing allows you to create openings and entryways into your property – including doors and windows. At CoreTech, the premiere concrete cutting company Queens has to offer, wall sawing is performed using an extra large saw blade that specializes in the ability to cut out an opening for a window or doorway through even the thickest of concrete walls. This is difficult to do with any type of saw and requires expertly trained professionals like the team at CoreTech.

Core Drilling
Probably one of the most difficult, yet most important things on any construction site these days is concrete core drilling services. At CoreTech, the best concrete cutting company Brooklyn has to offer, they perform core drilling services in order to create perfectly rounded holes within large segments of concrete. Used in a number of different types of projects, core drilling works to do things like make a hole to fit a furnace vent or to access smaller areas beneath the concrete. In certain cases, projects may require the use of holes to be drilled for HVAC systems or electrical units, even high-end fiber optics and other utilities. A contractor might need to have a larger hole drilled to make a manhole for underground access to various utilities from plumbing and sewer to gas lines and fiber optic cables.

Wire Sawing
Wire sawing is a highly in-demand service on any construction site in NYC. As the premiere concrete cutting company Brooklyn has to offer, CoreTech uses a specialized diamond wire saw and pulley system to move a wire through concrete at a high rate of speed. This allows them to create precise, dynamic cuts into concrete slabs, walls, foundations and other materials – even rebar and steel encased concrete. Wire sawing is a highly technical service and requires a lot of training and experience, as its very difficult. As an OSHA certified team, CoreTech, the premiere concrete cutting company Long Island contractors trust, places the safety of its clients and workers above all else, and ensures that anyone working a wire saw is well trained and knows exactly what they are doing. Wire sawing becomes necessary when your project has large scale concrete slabs that are often reinforced with steel and rebar. The fact is that regular saws are often unable to cut through dense materials like concrete and rebar and it requires not only an expert technician, but a high-powered wire saw.

For more information on concrete cutting and concrete core drilling services in NYC, and beyond, be sure to contact Core Tech NYC today.

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