Concrete Scanning

At Core Tech NYC we provide concrete imaging services for clients all across New York using the latest in Ground Penetrating Radar, GPR, technology. From residential homes and plots of land to commercial buildings, and Midtown high rises we can offer you a service that is fast, efficient, and most importantly up to all safety protocols and guidelines.

What is Concrete Scanning or Imaging?
Concrete scanning or imaging utilizes GPR or ground penetrating radar technology to detect embedded utilities and structural elements that might be embedded within concrete, prior to drilling, cutting, or coring into a structure or foundation.

Considering that GPR uses reflected radio waves, it is the safest and most efficient method to assess concrete within columns, slabs, and walls on your Jobsite.

Why Do You Need Concrete Imaging?
Concrete imaging allows us to be able to see impediments and obstructions within the foundation or concrete of a structure, before drilling or cutting into it! This saves you time and an expensive headache and ensures that you avoid things like utility lines, plumbing, and other obstructions that might impede the progress of your construction project.

Why is Concrete Scanning Important?
Concrete scanning identifies and located obstructions and objects within the concrete, a vital part of the safety on any worksite. This ensures you and your team can avoid possible injuries, damages, and any additional costs or headaches that might come about during the course of your work. At Core Tech, our concrete scanning experts use ground penetrating radar scans to identify the depth of objects within the concrete, as well as any air pockets that you might not be able to see from the surface.

Concrete Scanning Helps to:

  • Maintain the structural integrity of concrete
  • Ensure the safety of workers and individuals using the property
  • Reduces the risk of utility damage, cables, conduits, and more
  • Avoid unwanted costs and headaches associated with accidents and damages

Contact Core Tech NYC Today!
In order to mitigate potential damages and avoid safety issues, concrete imaging is a vital part of your construction project or job site! Core Tech will provide you with a detailed layout and mapping of your concrete slabs, walls, foundations and more – no matter how big or small your renovation project might be.

For more information on Concrete Imagine and Scanning, or to get an estimate, be sure to contact Core Tech today.

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